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Unfinished Chapters book with Kelsey Poe chapter
Survivor's guilt
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Kelsey walking dog with friend
Sanderson and Kelsey Poe wedding photo whisper in her ear
mourning while moving forward

Mourning While Moving Forward

I've been part of a widow's group in Austin since January of 2014. I was apprehensive about joining a counseling group, not because of ...

Sunnyland garden in Palm Springs


There is a strategy to opening doors in life and creating options, but with it comes an incredible amount of faith in oneself. I ...

Sanderson and Kelsey wedding day


One thing that sets losing a spouse apart from other losses is the notion that love can be found again. Far too often have I been told ...

Berlin marathon race

Running a Marathon

Backpacking abroad, gaining catharsis while grieving, or literally running a marathon all have a similar effect on the body: exhaustion. As I return from my trip abroad, I’ve had time to finally process the life changing experience of visiting Sanderson’s old stomping-grounds. I gained closure ...

courage profile image of Kelsey


I wrote this one while in Paris three weeks ago, but just didn’t post it right away. I guess I was too busy having fun! And my apologies go out to my friends and family who are just now receiving their post cards (with US stamps). Oops ;) Traveling Alone Traveling alone is an act of courage in and ...

Paris map and croissant


[caption id="attachment_118" align="alignleft" width="300"] Getting lost in a Paris neighborhood[/caption]   The fear of being lost has been so pervasive in my life that it has debilitated me. As a child, I was so fearful of being lost in the grocery store, I would hold tightly to the ...

Unfolding Memories

This post is for a friend of mine who lost her husband 7 months after Sanderson died. She looked at me the other day with hope that she could soon be in a place where I am, where the memories of the old life come flooding back and she’s strong enough to take them in. It gets better, my ...